Isaac Richter Autobiography

Isaac Richter Autobiography

Travel with me as we explore my interesting life experiences and how I was able to overcome adversity.  How I was able to take my life experiences and turn them into motivation.  Motivation that would give me an exciting journeys and a great future.  A future that I took everything I learned, from using my experiences to create a lasting business that has great potential and the ability to lead me down other paths.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. -Sam Walton


Making a Livin’

In today’s society is so hard to get a start in agriculture without being given the chance directly from family.  These are many challenges for people who want to return back to the farm after high school or college.  My dream has always been to live on the farm, but without working towards that dream it’d never happen.  My family grows 1200 acres of corn and beans, and we also raise 2300 head of hogs.  It sounds nice, but it isn’t enough to add me into the mix of the operation without expanding.  In todays market its practically impossible to buy land or rent it from someone else.  I took something I knew very well and have ran with it.  Pigs have played a large part in my life, and I have been around them for as long as I remember.  My journey through life brought me upon Ned who helped get my dad and I started in saving my dream.  Ned working for a field company introduced my dad and I to Doug from Murphy-Brown. With Doug we toured a hog facility that was getting close to completion.  I took two steps into the building, and thought, “Wow, I will never build this..”  A month later, I was laying in bed thinking about the design compared to what I was wanting.  Comparing the pros and cons of the two designs that I wanted.  It dawned on me that was the design of the future.  With the extremely low need for energy and the much better air quality set itself apart from the deep-pit power-ventilated building I was wanting.  We furthered our investigation into the MB (Murphy-Brown) design.  My dad and I finally came to a conclusion it was the way to go.  We furthered our talks with Doug, and until we argued to build a building for them.   This is a massive process: location, land deeds, matrix, neighbors, and working with the construction company.  Its a process thats just ongoing, but I am very excited for the day that the building is complete.  There are many points throughout the process that are very stressful because of issues that arise during the matrix.  Based of points given for air, water, and community it has challenges that causes the location to be very difficult.  So far we have passed the matrix, but I’m sure there will be many more challenges to arise before construction begins in August.  Everyday, has made me one step closer to being able to partially achieving my dream.  I thank my dad for working very diligently to keep the process moving.  Hopefully, I will be able to call myself a true Iowa farmer shortly.  

Quatern Poem

This was a poem I that was awesome with a great picture that I created. I can connect this to my power washing at how I am attacked to it like all the pages are attached together. I love what I do and would never give it up.

Try Something Different

When washing I always try my best to do the best possible work I can, but I still want to get the job done quick.  I am constantly trying to improve my speed while maintaining my quality of work.  I am always timing myself to see which technique is the quickest.  For example before I would complete wash a pen before I would move onto the next pen.  Now I was the slates to the entire building then come back and detail wash the pen.  This has made me 10% faster because I don’t get back splatter onto the finished pen.  The back splatter causes me to have rewash things that I had already cleaned causing me to be slowed up.  Now when I do my final wash it is truly clean and no need to have to worry about back splatter.  Working smarter is a whole lot better than working harder when it comes to power washing.  I’m always open to trying something new.  

Unlucky Moments leads to Appreciation

This past week I was washing one of the sites that I have washed a few times before, when I had something very weird happen.  As I was washing my eyes began to slightly burn, but then began to get worse as the day went on.  I just blew it off figuring it was from getting something in my eye and just ignored it. I figured the next morning everything will be better, and the next morning came around they were much better.  I everything was only slightly blurry, but I determined to continue to wash.  I went back to the site and my eyes went back to burning really bad again.  I pushed through and got the site finished.  When I was the burning and pain was really bad.  I could still see alright, but I decided to drive home anyways.  I made it a mile before my eyes were in so much pain that I couldn’t see anything. I was forced to have my parents come get me.  I then went to ER that night then to an eye specialist in the morning where we discovered my eyes had been burned.  We believe from some of the chemicals that were in the well water that I had been sing at that site.  I had to go a day and half without being able to see anything.  It really made me appreciate the ability to be able to see.  It made me know how important it is to take care of myself so that I can continue to be able to do the things I do.  Sometimes it takes difficulties to make a realize what we do have. 

Ike’s Power Washing’s Future

One of the big questions that I have been asked is what are my plans for my power washing business. At first I always told them that I would just last through college, but now that its been developing and turning into a great business, I’ve changed my mind.  I’m motivated to progress forward and build the business up after college.  I don’t want to grow anymore until I graduate from college, so that I will still have enough time to focus on my studies.  Out of college I want to make it into my full time job, and continue to focus on detail of the wash rather than the money. “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”  – Jimmy Johnson

The Conversation

I really enjoy getting to wash the buildings, but it isn’t as even close to how much I enjoy getting to talk to the people I work for.  Being with people older than me its nice to get to the opportunity to talk about agriculture and things I enjoy with them.  It helps gives ideas on how to do new things, but also helps both of us to learn things that work and don’t work.  I love learning the story of how they got into agriculture and their hobbies.  One of the guys I work for flies airplanes for fun which I found to be pretty awesome! I really enjoy getting to know these people and develop a friendship with them.  I hope that I can continue to create many more memories through power washing.